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To all motivated sellers, this is holiday season. Visiting potential buyers will often like warm Christmas atmosphere, the smells of traditions, colors and smiles. Add some light, open the curtains, unclutter the entrance, so that the first glimpse is at its best. Then ... I will do the rest !

About Angelo

Born October 21st 1968, he immigrated from Italy and continued his studies in architecture throughout his youth. Alongside his studies, he both developed his culinary skills and gained experience in administration. He discovered the pleasure to serve customers and to take pride in being their most preferred. Against all odds, he developed a passion for real estate, having had some personal experiences with his own investment. He thus felt the need to pursue and undertake a real estate brokerage career. He became a member of the OACIQ at the fall of 2014 and immediatly began to work and built this beautiful career by putting a first property on the market, fully supported by Les Immeubles Melbourne professionnals.

What can I offer you?


Not only will you get a good and professionnal service as soon as your property is put on the market, I also offer you the possibility to take part in the process. If you get a visit and, answering all the clients needs, conclude a sale, retribution will only be 1%. If I am the one to conclude a sale, following the signing of documents at the notary, your moving charges (transport) are on me!

votre déménagement a mes frais!



Expect to see ads displaying all information about your property for sale or rent in the following newspapers: Journal de Montréal, La Presse and local newspapers of your area. The ads will contain detailed data and will also appear on multiple web sites.

Votre propriété dans les journaux

Open house

What a winning option! One that gives the seller the opportunity to demonstrate and give his vision of his property to the public. By offering this choice, you have a high probability to meet the needs of potential buyers who show up. An open house involves a lot of work, with attention to details, the patience to guide people and answer all their questions to their satisfaction. All this while enjoying drinks and appetizers! Have a good visit.


Estimation of your property

Take this opportunity! I offer an estimation of your property with up to date comparables on the leading edge of a precised and well summarized calculation, so that you understand these conclusions. The value of your property is always yours to decide, and I will support you in this process with suggestions from my bank of professionals that contains real estate inspectors, notaries, land surveyors and a legal committee.



  • Nous tenons à vous exprimer nos très vifs remerciements pour le professionnalisme dont vous avez fait preuve comme courtier immobilier. Nous avons vu clairement en vous le professionnel qui aime beaucoup son travail, compétent, diplomate,bon communicateur,ponctualité et persévérance nous ont permis d'avoir toute la confiance en vous. Vous nous avez aidés en tout pour acheter notre première maison.
    Il est comme un membre de famille, une personne exceptionnelle,digne de confiance et très sociable. Quelle chance de l'avoir rencontre!

    Tous nos remerciements pour les conseils,on n’hésitera pas à faire de nouveau appel à vous, et vous référer à tous ceux que nous connaissons.

    Avec respect


  • Bonjour Angelo, je te laisse ces petits mots ce matin, afin de te remercier pour tout le bon travail que tu as fait lors de la vente de ma maison. Tu es une personne vraiment VRAIE, courtoise, responsable, attentionnée et très à l’écoute. Je ne regrette en aucun temps mon choix de t'avoir choisi comme courtier immobilier, mon expérience avec toi fût très compétitive, en 4 mois tout était réglé.Je n'hésite pas à te référer à toutes les personnes que je rencontre pour la vente de leur maison et, car je suis très heureuse du bon travail accompli.
    Merci encore et bonne chance dans ta grande carrière qui sera... j'en suis sûre, un GRAND succès!